Leitbild Bauen im Weltkulturerbe Wachau

Dialog Process, Research Study and Publication, 2019-2021

Project Coordination Prof. Cristian Abrihan and Prof. Michael Kloos.  The Wachau was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000 as a cultural landscape. The “Leitbild” Dialog Process was commissioned by the World Heritage Communities Wachau and included on the one hand the development of strategic and regional guidelines and recommendations for the protection and further development of the Wachau Area and on the other hand building principles for protecting cultural heritage, building and further development of the 15 Wachau communities. The dialog process and guiding principles (Leitbild) are result of a long-term dialog process and participation of communities, residents, local experts, politicians and stakeholders and results will be published in two open-source publications. More information here

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