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    The Office for Housing and Urban Studies is based in Vienna, Austria. Ofhaus was founded by Isabel Glogar as a research and design studio focussing on housing, urban studies and urban design, architecture and the built environment. Main research focusses are housing and urban transformations. The office works in between architecture, urban design and urban studies and uses methods linked to cultural, architectural, urban and social studies. Projects are realized as collaborative projects, working with project specific experts, researchers, initiatives, involved actors and authorities.

Publication Managementplan Wien

Managementplan Historisches Zentrum Wien, 2020-2021.  Publication, Dialog Process and Principles – a project commissioned by the City of Vienna, MA 21 Stadtteilplanung und Flächenwidmung. The process involved developing principles for protecting and monitoring the cultural heritage and further architectural and urban development of the core area of the City of Vienna as well as defining … Continue reading

Managementplan Historisches Zentrum Wien

Expertise and  Dialog Process, Architecture and Urban Spaces, Cultural Heritage and Image of the City, 2020-2021. Research Study and Reports, Stakeholder Workshops and Process Management – a project commissioned by the City of Vienna, MA 21 Stadtteilplanung und Flächenwidmung. Project coordination Urban Innovation Vienna and Prof. Cristian Abrihan, Büro für Baukulturerbe. The process involved developing principles … Continue reading

Leitbild Bauen im Weltkulturerbe Wachau

Dialog Process, Research Study and Publication, 2019-2021 Project Coordination Prof. Cristian Abrihan and Prof. Michael Kloos.  The Wachau was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000 as a cultural landscape. The “Leitbild” Dialog Process was commissioned by the World Heritage Communities Wachau and included on the one hand the development of strategic and … Continue reading

Publication Housing under Pressure

Housing under Pressure. Dynamics between Centers and Peripheries.  Book of Abstracts INUAS Conference 2019. (Vienna, 4.-6.11.2019)                                                            Open Access Publication here. In the current dramatically tense urban housing markets in European and global metropolitan areas, social tensions between the state, the market, and the population are particularly evident under the conditions of urban growth due to a lack … Continue reading

Workshop & Kick-Off Weltkulturerbe Wachau

Workshop Organization and Presentation”Kick-Off World Heritage Site Wachau” – a project initiated by Cristian Abrihan and Michael Kloos commissioned by the World Heritage Communities Wachau, working on the development of Guiding Principles for Building in the Wachau UNESCO World Heritage Site. The process of developing principles for the regional and urban development of the protected area Wachau … Continue reading


OFHAUS – Office for Housing and Urban Studies Isabel Glogar Grünentorgasse 15/4, A-1090 Wien office@ofhaus.com  

Conference Organisation Urban Transformations 2019

Conference Organisation INUAS Conference 2019 Housing under Pressure. Dynamics between Centers and Peripheries University of Applied Sciences FH Campus Wien 4.-6. November 2019 More Information here.  Full Programm and more information on the conference themes here. Keynotes and panel sessions on Affordable Housing – Social Exclusion Urban Development – Housing Market Gentrification – Precarious Housing … Continue reading

Conference Organisation Urban Transformations 2017

International Conference on Working Class Districts Urban Transformations and Qualities of Life in the Growing City University of Applied Sciences FH Campus Wien 14.-15. September 2017 More Information here. Download Book of Abracts here. THEMES I. Social Inequalities, Identities and Urban Diversity II. Economic Transformations and Social Municipal Politics III. Health, Stages of Life and … Continue reading

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Contact OFHAUS – Office for Housing and Urban Studies Isabel Glogar Reichsratsstraße 13/11, 1st floor (elevator 3rd floor) 1010 Vienna  

Balconies in the Urban Context

Publication and Guidelines for the City of Vienna Research project analyzing the history and development of balconies and their influence on the image of the city focussing on housing in the city of Vienna.  The study is furthermore testing potential balcony additions to existing buildings and their impacts on urban spaces. Research project in collaboration with Cristian … Continue reading