The Office for Housing and Urban Studies is based in Vienna, Austria. Ofhaus was founded by Isabel Glogar as a research and design studio focussing on housing, urban studies and urban design, architecture and the built environment.

Main Working Fields ares are:

  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Architectural and Spatial Research
  • Participation and Dialog Processes
  • Organisation of Conferences and Workshops, Moderation
  • Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design focussing on the Built Environment, Life Cycle and the building stock.

The office works in between architecture, urban design and urban studies and uses methods linked to cultural, architectural, urban and social studies. Projects are realized as collaborative projects, working with project specific experts, researchers, initiatives, involved actors and authorities. According to the specific project aim, OFHAUS collaborates with practitioners and researchers coming from different fields and disciplines.

Isabel Glogar  is an architect and urban researcher. Since 2019 she is a Postdoc Researcher and Teaching Associate at the Professorship of Urban Design at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

From 2012 until 2019 she was a lecturer at the Department of Urban Design at the Vienna University of Technology.  From 2016 until 2018 she was teaching Urban Design at the University of Applied Sciences FH Campus Vienna. She has taken part in several international conferences and workshops and, in 2014, she was a Visiting Teacher at the AA School of Architecture in London. She holds a PhD (2016) from the University of Art and Design in Linz and graduated from the ETH Zürich as Master of Advanced Studies (2011), Specialization in Housing, after completing her MA (2008) studies in architecture at the TU Vienna.

Main research fields are: collaborative housing, equality and urban development, suburbanisation and urban peripheries, urban transformations, everyday life, use of urban spaces, appropriation, participation, sustainable urban developments and building life cycles.


Office for Housing and Urban Studies



Isabel Glogar

Dr. Dipl.-Ing, MAS ETH/housing


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