Principles for Building in the region ‘Wachau’, Publication and Presentation of the results

Dialog Process, Research Study and Publication

We are happy to present the publication and results of the “Leitbild Bauen im Welterbe Wachau” (Building in the Wachau World Heritage Region).

12.10.2022, Schloss Spitz, start 6:00 pm

Please find more information on the programme here

The publication presents results of the dialog process and development of strategic principles in two volumes. One volume provides information on “applications and guidelines” how to continue further urban and regional development in the Wachau Region, a second volume serves as a “catalog of examples” of positive and negative building and urban developments in the World Heritage Site Wachau. The publication aims at raising awareness among all stakeholders such as politicians, planners and builders and serves as a handbook for building in a way that is compatible with the World Heritage Site. Further development and building within the cultural landscape in form of reuse, conversion or new construction requires well-founded knowledge as well as assessment and evaluation mechanisms and instruments. The process included defining criteria, which contribute to building according to the cultural landscape and region at the spatial planning and urban development level, as well as at the object level and detail/use level.

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