Conference Organisation Urban Transformations 2017

Organisation and Programme Development of the interdisciplinary “International Conference on Working Class Districts. Urban Transformations and Qualities of Life in the Growing City” in Vienna 2017.

Contact Ofhaus

Contact OFHAUS – Office for Housing and Urban Studies Isabel Glogar Reichsratsstraße 13/11, 1st floor (elevator 3rd floor) 1010 Vienna  

Balconies in the Urban Context

Publication and Guidelines for the City of Vienna Research project analyzing the history and development of balconies and their influence on the image of the city focussing on housing in the city of Vienna.  The study is furthermore testing potential balcony additions to existing buildings and their impacts on urban spaces. Research project in collaboration with Cristian … Continue reading

Private Shade

July 2014, design and development of a perforated metal shading system in cooperation with Hinterleitner Metallbau.

Ofhaus in das Packhaus

Contact OFHAUS – Office for Housing and Urban Studies, Isabel Glogar Das Packhaus, Marxergasse 24, 3rd floor, atelier 03:08 Since June 2014 is OFHAUS part of das Packhaus by PARADOCKS. Temporary atelier space in das Packhaus, Marxergasse 24, 3rd floor, atelier 03:08.

Urban Catalog

Platform for collecting data connected to cities and their inhabitants Isabel Glogar Research project and blog, start 2012

A House for Eternity?

Ein Haus für die Ewigkeit. Dauer durch Veränderung: Eine Studie über die Anpassungsgeschichte und Wertschätzung von Gebäuden im urbanen Kontext. MAS THESIS  Wohnforum/ETH Zürich Publication and Research Project  – Housing in the Swiss Context Abstract „To seek the timeless way me must first know the quality without a name. (…) The fact is that the … Continue reading

Office for Housing and Urban Studies

February 2012 start of OFHAUS – Office for Housing and Urban Studies.