Urban Catalog

Platform for collecting data connected to cities and their inhabitants Isabel Glogar Research project and blog, start 2012 http://www.urbancatalog.wordpress.com

Parallels of life and art, Independent group, shot of the exhibition, 1953

Multiple Practices of Urban Space

Opportunities of participatory media as representation and narrative of the city Isabel Glogar PhD research project, Kunstuniversität Linz, start 2011 Abstract Michel de Certeau[1] describes visuality in “The Practice of Everyday Life” by the view from 110 Floor of the World Trade Center to Manhattan. Through the look from above the vision of the city … Continue reading

A House for Eternity?

Abstract „To seek the timeless way me must first know the quality without a name. (…) The fact is that the difference between a good building and a bad building, between a good town and a bad town, is an objective matter. (…) But it is easy to understand why people believe so firmly that … Continue reading

Office for Housing and Urban Studies

February 2012 start of OFHAUS – Office for Housing and Urban Studies.